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Your house, your way. When you buy an Asumma Home, you can configure your architect-designed house from a 20m² tiny house to a 400m² custom build.

Whether you’re ready to build a summer cottage, a single-family home, a sprawling residence — or anything in between — the sustainable Asumma Home offerings scale to your unique needs.

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The Asumma Home difference

Architect designed

The Asumma Homes are practical, efficient, and ecological — with configurable design led by our award-winning architect.

Sustainable materials

Precision-engineered from cross-laminated timber (CLT), the Asumma Home is an environmentally intelligent choice that sequesters carbon.

Effortless purchase

Enjoy more streamlined house construction — with Asumma taking care of land assessment, materials, and onsite build for you.

Your experience

One-stop shop

We make house purchase simple: You a) pick your plot and b) move in. We take care of the rest — including design, building permits, house manufacturing, utilities installation, land preparation, laying the foundation, as well as delivering and assembling your new home.

Once you activate the process, we take care of the paperwork and project management for you. After your house is assembled and the final inspection is done, you get the keys to your new home.

Massive timber

Asumma Homes are designed to be practical, efficient, and ecological.  They are primarily built out of cross-laminated timber — also known as CLT — a naturally breathing, structurally stable, and highly durable material created by layering solid timber. CLT sequesters carbon and also provides thermal insulation, meaning it can be a more environmentally-friendly building material.

Precision engineering

Using innovative offsite construction technologies, Asumma Homes are engineered and primarily assembled in our Finnish partner factories, which operate at some of the world's leading safety and quality standards. This can result in your home being constructed faster, and with less room for error, than homes built with traditional onsite processes.

Solar roof

Upgrade the sloped, black steel roof of your Asumma Home, so that it is comprised of solar panels. This upgrade can help power your home, while it can also help reduce your utilities costs, by enabling you to sell excess electricity generated to the grid.

Transparent pricing

Too many construction projects go over-budget. Asumma Homes aims to offer an all-inclusive, fixed price upfront. This includes turnkey service — as well as appliances, fixtures, and finishes. Our goal is to eliminate any unexpected costs and offer honest, transparent pricing.

A better experience

Building a new house can become stressful, complicated, and challenging. Asumma Homes aims to do it better. Our goal is to offer you a positive digital house-buying experience combined with personalized customer care. Our team of dedicated architectural and construction experts are committed to supporting your home-building journey at the highest level of quality and attention.

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Due to unexpectedly high demand, we are currently only accepting requests to build on plots in Finland. Please check with us in the future, as we will expand to other European countries soon.

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