Home Ownership for
The Rental Generation

117-169 square
Price starts at
159.000 eur
Designed for

work from home




a puppy


work from home

work from home




a puppy


work from home

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Many of us allocate up to 40% of our income on rent. We rent, because we cannot afford to buy. This is changing now, as permanent Work-from-Home permits us to live far from the office, the commute, and all the stress that entails.

Join the growing movement of people who are investing in their own lives, families, and well-being. We offer you an architecturally inspiring home that is also affordable.

The Asumma home is practical, thoughtfully engineered, and energy efficient. We make your purchase transparent, easy to understand, and effortless.

Break the rental cycle, once and for all.

COVID-19 + Your landlord

Say bye to both

A new kind of house, for the rental generation.


This energy efficient home is crafted from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials that will last for generations to come.


Time to stop renting. Save money with advanced construction technologies, minimal work on-site, and expertise in mass customization.

Designed by stars

Award-winning architecture firm studiolada reimagines homes for a new generation for the same price as a studio apartment in the city.


Crafted in a European factory, your house is manufactured off-site, then delivered to your plot, where it is installed in three weeks.

Price guaranteed

Unlike other house providers, your Asumma house has a fixed price and delivery date. We keep you updated real-time on its progress.

Smart tech

Integrated smart home technology functions seamlessly across your new house — from lighting, to heating, and energy consumption.

now is the time to do it different

Make home ownership a reality.

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Floor area
117 m2
9.6m x 9.7m

2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Office/guest room
Dining + living room
Open kitchen
Spacious patio

* 25-year mortgage, 1.2% interest, 5% downpayment
Price From
€159.000 (inc. VAT)
or €580, per month*

House details

We are still at the beginning, and this is our first house concept. With the same concept, we can build a house up to 169 square meters. Our first houses will be built, delivered, and installed in the summer of 2021.

We are building this service package together with our first customers.

The possibilities for the building of the house are assessed on the basis of our customer's needs and on a plot-by-plot basis.

Life happens On the

First floor

A large living room with a high ceiling, a spacious bathroom (with sauna option available), and an open kitchen only a few steps from your new Work-from-Home office.

Enjoy the 9-meter panoramic view over your yard and the patio. All this, in 81 square meters.

Night happens On the

Second floor

Two bedrooms and your second bathroom – this space is made for a good night's rest. The open gallery to the living room lets both the air and light flow. 36 square meters of bliss.

Here's what you get

turnkey service

One-stop shop

We make house purchase simple: You a) pick your plot and b) move in. We take care of the rest — including design, building permits, house manufacturing, utilities installation, land preparation, laying the foundation, as well as delivering and assembling your new home.

Once you activate the process, we take care of all the paperwork and project management for you. After your house is assembled and the final inspection is done, you get the keys to your new home.

Inspired by Nature


Christophe Aubertin from the award-winning studiolada architects typically design beautiful public spaces, such as art centers, music halls, and libraries. But now he's designing your home, rooted in the Nordic belief that beauty is created by a practical, efficient, and analytical design approach.

View an Augmented Reality version of the house on your iOS device by tapping the house facade here.

Engineered to Perfection


Using the latest construction technologies, Asumma modular homes are prefabricated and assembled by a European partner factory, operating at the highest levels of safety and quality.

Wood for Thought


Healthy for you and the forest, your new wooden house is made of FSC-certified Nordic timber. The house walls are filled with the most efficient eco-friendly insulation that breathes in summer, while maintaining warmth through winter. We work exclusively with suppliers who use ethically-sourced raw materials.

let the sun shine

Solar roof

The beautiful black roof of your new house is made of solar panels. You can further reduce your housing costs by selling your excess electricity back to the grid. We'll even help you set that up.

Peace of mind

Fixed pricing,
safe financing

93% of all construction projects go over-budget. Instead Asumma guarantees an all-inclusive, fixed price. This includes full turnkey service, as well as appliances, fixtures, and finishes. No last minute or unexpected costs. None.

You're the focus

Home buying:

We know how stressful, complicated, and non-transparent purchasing a house can be. We are changing this for the better by providing you with a digital house-buying experience combined with personalized customer care. A dedicated expert will support you on your home-buying, home-building journey.

work-from-home changes everything

Get away from the grind, and discover a new you.

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